Monday, July 13, 2009

Why I started this blog

I decided to start this blog because I have been making little steps to "go green" & also save money for a while now. I've been doing this many ways. I think being "green" is something we can all improve on every day. It's not something you are or aren't. It's something you work towards. So through this blog I want to share the little steps I've taken to help my family make wiser decisions with our natural resources and also to save us money.

I think it is a misconception that being "green" has to cost you more money. Yes, there are certain things you could do that would cost you more, but there are also many things you can do that wont.

I encourage you to share the little things you've done. I don't think anything is too small. Every little step helps. It changes your thinking, the more "green" things you do, the more you begin to re-think other things you are doing.

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