Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Make your own reusable pledge/swiffer dusters

Okay, so I use the swiffer wet jet and was looking up a cloth version of the pads so I don't have to buy the tossable ones anymore. I'm trying to rid myself of all the "one use" items I can. There were a lot of options for those, but I ran across something I hadn't thought of before. You know the swiffer and pledge dusting wand things? The ones with the fuzzy "fingers" sticking out all over? Well, someone came up with a really simple "pattern" for making a reusable "refill" for these. I thought I'd share this here for you guys because it looks so easy that it could probably be hand stitched pretty quickly. Go here for a picture of the first one she made and here for the directions (and a picture of the second one).

Make a few of these and they should be just as easy as the tossable ones. You can just use one, toss it in the hamper, and use another one if need be. Still use and "toss," just not toss into the trash! ;)

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