Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sleep! And save the earth while you're doing it!

Yes, save the earth while you sleep! Okay, so not really save it! But help!

I thought of a not so commonly thought of way of "going green" last night. Get more hours of sleep! Yes, it is WONDERFUL for your body, but it also keeps you from having the lights on. Think about it, if you usually stay up until midnight, and instead you go to bed at 10 pm, that saves two hours of the lights being on. And not only the lights, but you wont be up to be doing other "electrical" things like cooking (late night snacks anyone?), watching TV, computing, etc. Hey, it might not be much, but every little bit counts right?! ;)

So in case your health wasn't a good enough reason, help the planet! Get more sleep!


Edward said...
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Edward said...

Unplugging power-draining devices, such as TV's, digital sound systems, computers, etc. can also help you save power. Remember, mechanical, open circuit devices like toasters, mixers, lights, etc. don't need to be unplugged, as they do not rely on a residual amount of "standby" power to function with such accessories as remotes.

As for devices that DO draw power no matter what when plugged in, a good time-saving initiative to take is routing everything in a general proximty to surge protectors. This way, you can do a quick sweep-through of your home, taking about as much time as flipping a light switch. It's a good idea regardless in order to protect your expensive equipment from power surges and brownouts (voltage spikes/drops).

Christina said...

Yes! Very well said!