Thursday, May 19, 2011

How Long Can You Cook From What You Have on Hand?

I've been trying to cook from only what we had in the house this week. It has been interesting for sure!

It all started because we had a small food budget this paycheck. So I purposely went to the store as soon as we got the paycheck and bought as much food "ingredients" (vs. cooked prepackaged meal items) as I could for as cheap as I could. I made sure everything I bought could go together to make a meal (instead of just buying items we liked). Also, I checked prices and made sure to get the best price I could on everything I bought and definitely got a lot of store brand when it was a good option. Something different I also did was order some food from Angel Food Ministries. We'll pick it up this saturday so I can't comment on how that went yet. I'll tell you how that goes once I have a chance to look it over and try some of it.

What has come out of it? A few new recipes and a LOT of hearty wholesome meals! And surprisingly, it hasn't taken MORE time out of my day. Instead of us waiting until we were starving and putting together the quickest thing we can (which probably wont fill us up), I'm cooking up something during nap time and it's all ready to eat when we're just starting to get hungry. Ed and I have both noticed that we have more energy the next day since we've been eating more filling (and rounded out) meals in the evening.

I will be posting some of the recipes I've come up with as well as recipes I've found and used during this time. I plan to continue this until at LEAST next weekend. But honestly, we will probably carry it out longer then that since we have so much food and are really enjoying eating this way. Having only the food in our house as an option has always challenged me to be creative in the kitchen. It's good for us to do this every so often!

Keep in mind the ingredients in these recipes were chosen from what I had on hand. So don't be afraid to tweak them a little if you don't have something on hand. Most of the recipes were loosely based off another recipe and they turned out great!


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