Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Home Tip #2: Easy Winter Hat Storage

At our house, the kids winter hats are supposed to hang on the hooks by the door with their backpacks and coats. But, usually they just end up in the floor. We have a closet just inside our entryway for our shoes and extra jackets. But there wasn't a good place to store the hats.

As I was unpacking the boxes of winter clothes this past fall, and hanging up the jackets in the closet, I had an idea. If there was just a way to attach the hats to the hangers the jackets are on, that would solve our problem. Clothes pins would work if I had thin hangers, but we have thick plastic hangers. Then it hit me! I have a little box of 1 1/4" binder clips. They attach to the hangers and hats perfectly without causing any damage to the hats! Yay!!!

It also works for gloves...

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