Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Water Intake Tricks

We always hear that drinking enough water is very important, but actually doing it? That's another story all together! Now that I'm pregnant, I'm trying to be more aware of how much water I drink. I know that I tend to not drink enough so it's definitely a conscious choice to get in the recommended amount. Of course, I do live in TX, so with summer heat being right around the corner (didn't you know? We have summer 9 months out of the year here! he he), there's even one more reason to be diligent with my water intake. Here are some things I have done, as well as ideas from friends, to help reach the recommended amount of water each day.
  • We have a water pitcher (w/filter) to keep us from using the taste as an excuse (Dallas does not have the best tasting water). We even have one with "flavor options" meaning you can push a button and the flavor of your choice will be squirted into your water. Personally, the flavors were too artificial tasting to me, but it did help my hubby drink more water for a while.
  • We also keep water bottles around. I know they are not the most green choice but it is definitely healthier for my body then no water at all. If I don't have it easily attainable then I will quickly get side tracked and forget to drink it. We are very careful to make sure they all end up in the recycling cart. Please do recycle them if you go this route. That's a lot of plastic that adds up very quickly if you just throw it away.
  • I also have a few reusable water bottles to take with me so I'm never without water, but you have to hand wash them every couple days. I tend to misplace them around the house, so inevitably, they are always in need of washing. If you go this route and are not a diligent hand washer, then I suggest you go with Nalgene bottles, or another dishwasher safe bottle, to keep them at the ready.
  • My husband has a camel back from his army days that he still loves to use. He particularly finds it useful to hang on the back of his chair so he can drink while he is working at his desk. He found that this dramatically increased his daily water intake!
  • After a while I still end up in a water slump no matter which method I use because, let's face it, sometimes you just want something with some flavor! I like hot herbal teas, decaf iced tea, and fruit juices (every now and then) so that helps some. Another thing I enjoy on occasion is a koolade type flavoring packet. I know they are super sweet, but again, I figure that is still better then no water when I'm in a water rut. Here's a trick for you, instead of buying those individual serving packets to throw in your purse, buy a canister of it (think countrytime lemonade). You can then divide it into water bottle size servings in snack baggies. Still individual serving sized, but much cheaper! To determine the right amount for your bottle (16 - 20 oz. if you buy bottled water, various amounts for reusable bottles), look at the back of the canister. It has a tablespoon amount for 8 oz. Just adjust that to the amount of ounces your water bottle holds and you've got personalized flavor packet on the cheap!
  • A friend of mine had a cool little gadget to help her. She bought a reusable water bottle (at Target if I remember right) that had a digital screen on it. She programed in how much she wanted to drink each day and it told her how much she had left. It helped her out a lot!
  • Another easy way to get in more water is to increase your intake of water rich vegitables and fruits like watermelon.
Now that I have shared my ideas, PLEASE share yours with us! We can help each other be able to reach our water intake goals for better health!


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