Stuff I Love

Full upper body bibs:

These come in a two pack (so perfect for me) and super cheap ($3.99) for how effective they are. We don't use the pocket much since their high chair trays go up to their tummy's but the coverage is awesome!


Food Processor

Decent price (inc. free shipping from amazon) and is really good at what it does. Works great for pureed baby food as well as just chopping for recipes. Really easy to clean to boot!


Hanging Pockets for the Wall

These are awesome!!! We have 4 hanging on the wall above the boys changing table and they are sooo handy. We keep cloth diapers, diaper rash cream, misc. eczema creams, hand sanitizer...pretty much anything we don't want them getting to that pertains to diapering. Especially handy for cloth diapering parents because the pockets are large enough to hold even the biggest cloth diaper with a little wiggle room to spare.


Rubbermaid 4 oz. Containers for Freezing Baby Food

This is the one thing on the list I haven't tried yet. I have looked hard for a product that I thought would work the best for freezing and heating baby food. Baby food storage comes in basically two types: a tray (think ice cube tray but with a lid) and cubes. We used the ice tray method with our second baby (first baby that I made homemade food for) and it worked fine. We just froze the food, popped out the cubes and put them in a freezer bag. Then we put them in a bowl to reheat and serve to baby. Not very complicated, that's for sure! But, with having two toddlers this time around, I'm looking for anything to make it even more simple. Enter the cubes method. The only difference is that I can freeze, store frozen, reheat, and serve in the same container. So less dishes and less steps. It will also save all those freezer bags from getting thrown away. I only found one brand of "baby food cubes" and almost every review said that the lids didn't shut right and would pop open in the freezer. 95% of the people who had tried them seemed unsatisfied and wouldn't buy them again. Basically, great idea, poor execution. I knew there had to be a better way to do the cube method without using the poorly made containers. Then I found the rubbermaid 1/2 cup containers. Rubbermaid is known for their great quality and I have no doubt that the lid will stay sealed. They are freezer, microwave, & dishwasher safe. They are also BPA free! So they are perfect for the needs of baby food cubes. I realize that 4 oz. is more then a 6 month old might eat but they pick up their food intake faster then you think they will! :-) As far as how to use these when first starting out, I'm planning to freeze the whole 4 oz. portion, use half of it one meal, and half of it another meal. The food is fine in the fridge for 2-3 days. Just be sure to not serve the baby food out of these containers if your baby is unable to finish 4 oz. in one sitting. The bacteria will start growing in it from the saliva, so be sure to throw out any uneaten food that is in the bowl you're serving from.



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