Monday, July 13, 2009

Homemade shopping bags & produce bags.

I have some fabric stacked together waiting to be cut out and sewn into reusable shopping bags. I got the very simple pattern from the green bag lady. If you look to the right side of the page, at the third section down, you will see "Free Patterns" for the bags.

Doing this helps the planet as it replaces all those plastic & paper bags. Doing this myself helps save me money because I can make them for cheaper then I can buy them and can use up some fabric I have laying around.

The produce bags are awesome as well because I don't have to keep using those ones the store provides that just go straight into the recycling bin anyway. I don't have much use for them after I get home. This way I can just toss them in the wash and use them next time!

She is awesome by the way. She gets people's extra fabric and makes it into these bags. She then gives them away to people for free (one per person) on the condition that they must use them in place of paper or plastic. She also takes the scraps and makes dog/cat beds and gives them to shelters. Like I said, awesome! :D

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